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Welcome to Indonesian Gay Website!

Homosexuality in Indonesia has its own character. There is a clear distinction between the men who are gay and waria/ banci - transgendered people – In early eighties, the men in the homo communities said that they only liked to sleep with laki-laki asli – straight men. In Surabaya the gay people were gathering at nights mostly on Thursday and Saturday but around the corner there were banci or waria.

Indonesian banci are usually quite public, for example they may be street performers, singers, fasion designers, actors, media people. Generally, the relationship between waria  and  gay wasn't very good. Many homos paid for laki-laki asli to have sex with them, whereas laki-laki asli usually paid the waria for sex. All of the waria in those days were poor, they lived in the kampung (in the side alley ways)..

In Jakarta, were so many brothels that the guys just used to pay for sex and didn't have the headache of dealing with whoever they slept with afterwards! Nowadays, though, Jakarta has changed and there are many places where gay can socialize.  

It’s quite obvious that with the exception of Indonesians who are very westernised and / or educated, most think of all gay people waria. People accept waria or banci. When simple people see the word 'gay' they probably think that's the English translation of the word waria.

A lot of Indonesian gay men are earning better these days so they travel more. Kuta beach on Bali is becoming a popular destination for gay men from Java, Sumatra and other islands.

Internet also plays big role in today’s gay life in Indonesia. This website has been set to provide another platform of communications in gay guys in Indonesia as well as for those who are going to visit this beautiful country.  

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